Who we are

We are Salvatore and Davide, the Algonauti founders.

We're passionate developers and after about seven years experience in IT/software medium and large companies we decided to set up our own business and break the rules!

We join projects that we find challenging and cool, and we also develop projects from our own ideas.
Because we make an excellent job when we love what we do!

Why Algonauti?

Our name comes from Algorithm and Argonauti which is the italian for Argonauts
Because creating software is a challenging adventure to us!

Our values

We leverage the Agile process combined with automation tools, frameworks and best practices: so we can focus on creative activities, while tools carry out the annoying tasks. With such an unprecedented power, we’ve proven that even very small teams, fueled with highly skilled developers, can deliver top quality software.

We believe that developing great quality software is a Craftsmanship , because individual skills make the difference. We love working with talented people who get committed with our projects and like to self-organize their own tasks to get them done, no matter where in the world, or when in the day/night they work.

We leverage mobile devices as means of freedom, not slavery: they make us be productive whenever (and wherever) we feel inspired, or when traveling. But they’re not used to ruin people’s leisure time when they want to stay away from work for a bit.

Born remote

One of the cool things of being a software developer is that we can work wherever
we like, and deliver our artifacts via the Internet; making pizzas would
have been much more tasteful, but we couldn’t deliver them via the Internet!

The Algonauti idea started for fun:
“Would you bet that we’ll be able to deliver a small project without having to meet, except for a beer?”
asked each other the two founders Salvatore and Davide.

They created a profile on Elance and after a few months they delivered their first project and...
Yes! They only met for a beer!


We always use cutting edge technologies to deliver high quality applications

Rails Development

We deliver robust and bespoke web apps using the successful Ruby on Rails framework. We can turn your ideas into reality with the shortest time-to-market. Even when dealing with specific non functional requirements such as: multi-tenancy and SaaS, cross-device Web APIs, Responsive UI.


Ember.js is a disruptive JavaScript framework compared with competitors: it allows to create ambitious web applications that look native on any device, providing unprecedented UX. We also love it for its clean and functional-like programming style, and for the great community and ecosystem around it.


Never waste time again for boring tasks such as build, deploy, scale. Just have automated tools do it for you! This is basically what DevOps is about, and we as experts can help your team with the adoption of automated Continuous Integration, Cloud Provisioning, Environments Replication and Auto-Scaling.


Do you need new features or bugfixes on your web application or e-commerce? Or simply want to boost its performance? We're here to help you! We can find the right solution that fixes your problem and fits your budget.


Tired of all those over-complicated e-commerce websites out there? Then ask us! We love to keep your online business as simple as possible for your customers, and have them place their orders in a few clicks. And you can happily manage your store on your own, as it's dead simple!

Remote Pairing

Need expert advice on some technology in our stack? Or simply want guidance to get started with it? Then don't hesitate to contact us! We'll be happy to start a remote pairing session with you using the most effective communication, screenshare and pair-programming tools, and help you achieve your goal!

Our Favorite Stack


It has been great working with Algonauti, they listened to my vision and communicated very well to deliver just what I needed.

Robert Reich

Managing Director at Real

Precise, professional, and highly proficient programming. The code produced by Algonauti is very well written and efficient.

Jeff Deville

Senior Software Engineering at PromptWorks

Quality work delivered on time. Very responsive and easy to work with... Will definitely use again for future projects.

Jack Dow

Senior Manager at DEXUS

I've had a very good experience working with Algonauti and I recommend them highly for full-stack web development projects.

Logan Merriam

Founder at Flaredown

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